UPDATED: Facebook’s photo comments returned after brief outing

(UPDATE: It appears that the feature was just taken offline for a bit, and has since returned. Facebook told Inside Facebook that it is something the site is still rolling out.)

Some Facebook features are obviously more well received than others. Still, others seem like a good idea at the time, but upon “poking” into it further … not so much. On Wednesday, Facebook released the ability to reply or comment with images on profile posts. Many groaned at the thought of how this feature could be abused, but most people in my network seemed to be warming up to the idea by the next day. In fact most grumbling seemed to revolve around the fact that Facebook was still not allowing animated GIFs.

By Thursday, the feature had been extended to pages and groups. Surprisingly, as of this fourth revision of this feature review post, the feature has completely disappeared. In fact I noticed it was no longer working via the iOS Facebook app Thursday evening, but I thought it was just a hiccup. Speculation abounds. Will it return? Is it merely a glitch? We don’t know yet.

Inside Facebook has reached out to Facebook, and will update the story when the company responds.

Maybe Facebook received too many complaints about the feature. One can certainly see how it might annoy others, and while I’m sure the person replying with the image is likely to have fun I’m not so sure that the original poster will be as enamored with it. Of course each profile owner did have the ability to delete questionable, objectionable, or any other “-able” images just as they would a comment, but maybe it was NSFW or objectionable.

Maybe they realized that storing every single image uploaded as a new and unique image was going to create a bandwidth and storage nightmare. Perhaps they needed to address the issue of images posted as a reply, which didn’t also have text added, not showing up in the Activity Log.

My first revision of this article included: “As with all Facebook updates and features, this may change by the time you read this post and if you don’t like it, just wait a while.” Little did I know how true it would be with this feature.

How do you feel about this feature going away? Do you want the feature back or do you say good riddance?


Kevin Mullett (@kmullett) is the Director of Visibility and Social Media at Cirrus ABS.

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