Are The Letters Wearing Off Of Your Kindle?

eBook blogger Karen LeRosier discovered that the letters were warring off of the keys on her Kindle due to her word game playing addiction.

LeRosier researched the issue and out about two ways that Amazon’s customer service line could help. The first was to replace the Kindle with a refurbished one with keys whose letters weren’t worn off. The second was to give the customer a credit for a Nokey skin, which comes with decals of letters that can be placed over the Kindle.

Here is more from her blog: “I spoke to an Amazon service person about an other issue and they explained with millions of Kindles sold a problem might not be statistically significant even though there are several threads about it on discussion boards.  They still take all issues seriously and offered me a refurbished Kindle. They keep a record of all reported problems and if problem becomes statistically significant they will address it further and have more information available to service call staff.”

Via KLeRosier.