Are you a User or a Third-Party App User?

The results are in, and still dominates the average Twitter user – 78% of people use this official, web-based version of Twitter to send out tweets, follow celebs, and get their breaking news. Check out this infographic for more cool Twitter use stats.

The Next Web commissioned this “How People Tweet” infographic, which takes a look at where people are sending tweets from.

The infographic notes that there are more than 300,000 third-party apps in the Twitter universe, so it’s no surprise that people are fragmented across them. However, all of these 300,000 apps together don’t even come close to in terms of use – with 78% of tweets coming from the official Twitter website, it’s the clear choice for the majority of tweeters.

The breakdown of how many people are using apps is interesting. Twitter’s official apps dwarf the others: the mobile, Twitter for Blackberry and Twitter for iPhone make up 30% of Twitter use. TweetDeck is a large player too, taking 6% of the pie (which, you will notice, is larger than 100% as people use multiple channels to send out tweets).

Surprisingly for some, Google Friend Connect is a significant Twitter powerhouse, with 2% of tweets coming from here. And TwitPic is also a Twitter powerhouse, making up 4% of all tweets.

Take a look at the below infographic to see if the place you send tweets is among the most popular: