Arianna Huffington Responds to Lawsuit

Arianna Huffington has issued a reply to the lawsuit that she and The Huffington Post are facing, and in true HuffPo style, gathers some of the best articles that condemn the case, then adds a little more herself.

Huffington brings up Jack Shafer saying “We’re becoming a nation of Winklevosses who file legal motion after legal motion every time a pot of money is spotted,” repeats a comment from a New York Times article that asks “So, does this mean when YouTube was sold to Google that all the people who posted videos on YouTube should have been compensated?” and she even cites a lawyer explaining that there was no contract broken.

She then sums up her feelings with this:

It seems that AOL’s purchase of HuffPost suddenly opened his eyes to the fact that we are a business. I guess he’d missed the ads that appeared on the same page as his blog posts the 216 times he decided, of his own free will, to post something on our site.

We certainly wish that all writers would get paid for their work, but the more we think about it, the more the lawsuit really doesn’t make any sense. Filing a lawsuit after you’ve already agreed to work for free isn’t going to get you anything other than angry replies like Huffington’s.