Arianna Huffington’s Daughter Admits Cocaine Addiction

Christina Huffington, the 22-year-old daughter of Arianna Huffington, is a recovering cocaine addict. In a piece published on The Huffington Post, Huffington admits that her parents’ divorce and other personal problems caused her to seek refuge in the powerful drug:

One line erased my doubts, my fears and my insecurities. I was euphoric. Gone was the girl who wanted to crawl out of her skin and in her place was the confident, beautiful girl I always wanted to be. For six years, I chased that high on and off, but I never found it again. Instead I found self-hatred. I found pure selfishness.

To her credit, Huffington — who says she has been sober for 13 months now — shows some self-awareness by adding that she felt a lot of shame because she was raised in a wealthy family and was never “abused or neglected.” And her reason for writing about the addiction is valiant as well:

My life as it is today was unthinkable thirteen months ago. Yes, I mean the particulars — I have a steady job and healthy, loving relationships — but more than that I’ve learned to be vulnerable. I’ve learned how to apologize and how to forgive. I’ve learned how much strength it takes to let go. If writing this can help one person feel a little less alone, if it encourages one person to ask for help, if it allows one person to know that no matter how hopeless it feels right now, it can get better, then that is enough.

For whatever it’s worth, we’re pulling for her.