‘Around the Hill’? More Like ‘Around a Hill’

Good news from Roll Call: if you missed the Cherry Blossom Festival and feel like driving a totally reasonable 60 miles from D.C., you can now see a whole bunch of trilliums, a flower belonging to the lilly family.

The article, in the “Around the Hill” section, says 14 million of the flowers will be in bloom for the next two weeks. But not around Capitol Hill. Instead, around some random hills at the G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area.

Sally Anderson, the president of the Virginia Native Plant Society expects as many as hundreds of wildflower enthusiasts to head to the area over the next two weeks. She also says she’s gotten inquiries from England about visiting, and thinks D.C. residents should join in the fun.

We reached out to Roll Call‘s brand new Features editor, Ryan Beckwith, to ask about the paper’s radius for event coverage from Capitol Hill.  We never heard back. Instead, Roll Call‘s Director of Promotions, Rebecca Gale, told us: ” This is an hour’s drive away–seems ideal for a recess read, and anyone who has a vacation day to burn.”

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