ars technica Reviews Ubuntu Moblin Remix on a Dell Mini 10v – I’m Sticking with Ubuntu Netbook Remix

First, let’s not confuse Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) with Ubuntu Moblin Remix (UMR)…

But, if you are interested in UMR, ars technica has a detailed review of it as pre-installed on Dell’s Inspiron Mini 10v netbook…

A review of the Dell Mini 10v, Ubuntu Moblin Remix edition

The Mini 10v is the low-end of Dell’s netbook line with the old Atom N270 processor and other 2008 specs: 1GB RAM, 160 GB HD, 1024×600 display, etc. Its standard battery is a wimpy 3-cell with the option to upgrade to a 6-cell battery.

ars’ UMR review begins on page 2. So, you can skip the entire first page of their review if you just want to know about the OS.

ars reports a reasonably fast (compared to XP) 22 second boot on a hard disk based 10v. But, this is not blindingly fast. The reviewer encountered several crashes before testing. But, it should be noted that Dell advertises this as a “Developer” edition. It is not meant for production use.

I’m comfortable with UNR’s always maximized windows. But, I couldn’t get comfortable with the way UMR does the same thing for some reason. ars’ reviewer seems a bit uncomfortable with it too.

ars’ conclusion is that UMR is intersting but needs a lot of work.

The same can probably be said about the UNR (Ubunut Netbook Remix) that I use. But, I’ve gotten comfortable with it over the months and will continue to stick with it instead of experimenting with Moblin.

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