Artificial Intelligence Being Used to Count Calories in Food Photos

ceresSRI, the makers of Siri, have developed an app named Ceres, that’s capable of counting calories based on image recognition. So, basically, it goes like this: snap a photo, share it to Instagram, review your calorie count, get depressed, eat chocolate.

In the future, the app would be able to cull data from anything like your location in a restaurant to the conversation you’re having at the table – all to determine exactly what is in your meal. If you’ve got food habits, it will remember those as well, unlike your server or boyfriend.

The app is not ready for the consumer market yet, but there are similar services. Take Meal Snap, it’s an app that uses Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to count calories from your food photo. There’s also this laser-like scanner that measures food at a molecular level. All claim to help users glean more information from their meals.

With apps like Ceres, you just can’t help but remember your diet – it’s practically a national pastime. With Ceres, you can join approximately 45 million Americans who go on diets every year. Ceres, and app like it, make it easier, but being able to count calories just sounds downright depressing, even if it can be highly accurate and done by super-intelligent robots.

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