Artist Creates Beautiful Analog Amplifiers for Digital Devices

Sometimes a little bit of distortion is all you need to turn your music player the sultry sounds you didn’t know you were craving – at least that’s what I’ve determined after being mesmerized by the creations of Christopher Locke. The sculpture artist turns old, derelict brass instruments and motorcycle sprockets into wireless amplifiers for iPhones and iPads.

Each  analog tele-phonographer is hand-made and amplifies sounds with a different acoustic property without using additional power.

Here, the triple trouble co-opts three trumpets to make a beautiful brassy ensemble – with no additional wiring or power. The music from the built-in speaker of the iPhones and iPads is transferred through the metallic property of the horns.



His work is so amazing, I saw a possible imitation floating around this week. Of course, imitation is the highest form of flattery unless you created the original.

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