Artist James Z. Higa, Who Made Sculptures Out of Newspaper, Dies at 86

James Z. Higa, the creator of paper-folding technique Krimpart, passed away on Saturday, April 17. He was 86.

Ziga was born in Hawaii, served in an Army intelligence unit following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, then studied design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He later went on to work as a commercial artist for Playboy and other publications. One of his pieces, called “What to Do With the Sunday New York Times,” consisted of a room full of furniture made of the newspaper. Says the Chicago Tribune:

If a newspaper page was designed in a way that pleased him, he would buy 10 copies of the newspaper for his next Krimpart production.

An example of what Krimpart looks like can be found here.

Mr. Higa is survived by his wife, Joan, his a son, Jonathan, and three grandchildren.

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