Artists Creates Immersive Social Installation to Experience Strangers’ Social Feeds

If you’re an artist, you might ask yourself, “how does it feel to be inside someone else’s social media stream?” That’s what artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald asked – perhaps they were tired of the bombardment from their own stream or maybe they’re just really in love with social media?

In the video below, you can watch as users experience the phenomena they created called Social Soul. It’s an installation at TED 2014. Attendees uses their smartphone to access their Social Soul – a soul mate that’s discoverable, experienced, and streamed in 360 degrees of public social media postings. It’s intense, disorienting, and beautiful. At the end of the show, users are encouraged to contact their social soulmate.

Social Soul from MKG on Vimeo.


Created for Delta Air Lines, the official airline sponsor of TED2014, MKG collaborated with artists’ Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald to design an experience that brings to life a user’s Twitter stream in a larger-than-life structure where their social media profile is on display in a 360-degree stream of monitors, mirrors and sound. The experience starts with the stream of the person visiting, it next uses a custom algorithm to match participants with other TED attendees and speakers, displaying their social stream. After exiting, users and their connected “Soul Mate” receive a tweet encouraging offline connections and conversation. The entire project uses seven different languages of code to handle everything from scripting to styling. The sound is a mixture of generative audio and music composed in Live.


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