Ten Artworks to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Melodie Provenzano, “Outer Space,” 2012. (Courtesy Lyons Wier Gallery)

Happy Christmas, UnBeige readers! We had planned to present each of you with a delicious gingerbread iPad (iced with a festive facsimile of the UnBeige homepage, bien sûr), but flummoxed by the logistics of industrial baking and timely shipping, we reluctantly decided to go with something inedible yet equally delicious: ten works of art, design, and photography to get you in the holiday spirit. Thanks to many of our favorite galleries and museums, whose recent exhibitions and seasonal e-cards helped us to compile this list.

Anonymous, “A Tree That Sings,” 1945. (Courtesy Keith de Lellis Gallery)

Finnegan and Molly Kelly with Marina Abramovic’s “Artist Portrait with a Candle,” 2012. (Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery. Photo by Jason Wyche.)

Odilon Redon, “Des Esseintes, Frontispiece for A Rebours by J.K. Huysmans,” 1887. (Santa hat added by Venus Over Manhattan)

Deborah Kass, “Joy,” 2012. (Courtesy Paul Kasmin Gallery)

Candlesticks by David Wiseman. (Courtesy R 20th Century)

Ran Hwang, “Flower in Desert,” 2009. (Courtesy Leila Heller Gallery)

Steven Bindernagel, “Heliograph,” 2012. (Courtesy CRG Gallery)

Utagawa Hiroshige, “The Taiko (Drum) Bridge and the Yuhi Mound at Meguro,” 1857. (Courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art)

David Berezin, “Are You Lonely Mr. Claus?,” 2010. (Courtesy the artist and SculptureCenter)