Ashton Kutcher On Being a New Media Mogul

ABC’s “Nightline” profiles actor/producer/power tweeter Ashton Kutcher Thursday night. The discussion touches on his acting career (he is shilling a new film, Killers) and his personal life with wife Demi Moore. But of more interest to WebNewser is Kutcher’s comments on the influence he has in the digital space. Kutcher was famously engaged in a battle with CNN over who would be the first to reach a million Twitter followers. Kutcher won.

Kutcher also produces a number of TV shows and digital programs through his production company, Katalyst. In the “Nightline” interview he discusses his apparent power to make videos go viral.

Katalyst has partnered with the food company in an initiative to fight hunger in the United States. Apart from its social mission, the campaign has brought Kellogg’s huge exposure.
The exposure stemmed from Kutcher’s ability, through his online networks, to take videos that nobody has seen and put them in front of a million eyes in a day or less.

“I can find a video right now that will trend, and it will be the next trending video on the Web,” Kutcher said.

Is it true? Make up your own mind. The “Nightline” interview airs tonight (May 13) at 11:35 p.m. Or read some of the highlights now at

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