ASME National Magazine Awards: Glamour Takes Top Prize

Last night’s National Magazine Awards were… safe, we guess we’d say. There were no real upsets or surprises, with very to relatively big names taking home the top prizes and somewhat big names acting as co-presenters (Rebecca Mader? Katrina Bowden? Copious side boob?).

One highlight (and subsequent, unexpected lowlight) of the night occurred when former ASME executive director Marlene Kahan (whom FishbowlNY chatted with a couple of years back) was given a special award for her decades’ worth of work and commitment to the magazine industry. Just as Kahan wrapped up her speech, in which she expressed her gratitude for the industry for having helped raise funds to find a cure for Parkinson’s (a disease which Kahan is currently battling), someone sitting two or three rows from the back let out a forceful and sustained “boo.” This was the second time this person had boo’d at Marlene, the first time being at the beginning of the ceremony, when her name was initially announced. (We even mentioned it during our live-Tweet of last night’s ceremony.) Was he booing her decision to step down? Was he drunk? Or just being a colossal cocksock? The world may never know!

Vogue editor Anna Wintour also took home a special prize that evening, having been ushered into ASME’s Magazine Editor Hall of Fame. The New Yorker editor David Remnick introduced Wintour, as her brother, Patrick Wintour, was trapped in London thanks to the clouds of ash and hellfire emitting from that Icelandic volcano that no one can pronounce. Remnick joked that this showed there was one thing Anna Wintour could not control, and that was God. Everyone laughed nervously, for we knew this was untrue.

In her speech, a shaky-voiced Wintour made sure to issue a special thank you to her longtime cohort, Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, to whom Wintour referred as her “flame-haired and flame-tempered” colleague.

Glamour took home the night’s big award for “Best Magazine,” a new prize celebrating the magazine that demonstrated the best print and digital efforts throughout the year. Editor in chief Cynthia Leive mentioned how excited she was to see so many women’s magazines being represented and recognized that evening.

The most prolific winners of the night were New York, with four awards; National Geographic, which won three awards; The New Yorker, which also won three awards; and Wired, which took home two awards.

View our photo slideshow and a full list of the winners after the jump.

General Excellence, Print

Under 100,000 Circulation

San Francisco
Bruce Kelley, Editor-in-Chief
For April, August, December Issues

100,000 to 250,000 Circulation

Mother Jones
Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery, Editors
For July/August, September/October, November/December Issues

250,000 to 500,000 Circulation

New York
Adam Moss, Editor-in-Chief
For April 20, October 5, October 26 Issues

500,000 to 1 Million Circulation

Jim Nelson, Editor-in-Chief
For June, September, November Issues

1 Million to 2 Million Circulation

Men’s Health
David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief
[Mediabistro’s Blake sagely observed that “what Clooney is to the Oscars, Zinczenko is to the National Magazine Awards.]
For September, October, November Issues

Over 2 Million Circulation

National Geographic
Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief
For May, September, December Issues

Design, Print

Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief
For March, May, August Issues

Photography, Print

Vanity Fair
Graydon Carter, Editor
For March, September, November Issues


National Geographic
Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief
For “Shattered Somalia,” photographs by Pascal Maitre; text by Robert Draper, May

Photo Portfolio

The New Yorker
David Remnick, Editor
For “Portraits of Power,” photographs by Platon, December 7

Single-Topic Issue

Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief
For “The Mystery Issue,” May

Magazine Section

New York
Adam Moss, Editor-in-Chief
For “Strategist,” April 20, May 25, October 26

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