ASME Not Pleased With Shape Magazine’s Ellen DeGeneres Ads

The American Society of Magazine Editors is not exactly happy with Shape magazine’s May issue and the way it might be blurring the line between editorial and advertising and, thus, violates ASME guidelines.

The issue features TV host Ellen DeGeneres on the cover — which is then followed by an ad for Vitamin Water, also featuring DeGeneres. Additionally, it is noted that DeGeneres is wearing Cover Girl makeup on the cover, a brand for which she is also a spokesperson and which also has an ad — featuring DeGeneres — in the issue.

ASME CEO Sid Holt voiced the group’s concerns over the issue:

If readers have reason to suspect that editorial decisions are being made simply to sell advertising, not only is the integrity of the publication degraded but the value of the publication to marketers is destroyed.

American Media, which owns Shape, insists any violation was completely unintentional and that DeGeneres was selected as the May issue’s cover star before ad deals for the issue were finalized.

We suppose we will drown our disappointment in Shape with this icy-cold Coca Cola and some crisp, delicious Pringles brand chips – Once we pop, we just can’t stop!