Associated Content Competitor AllVoices Adds ‘Health Insurance’

AllVoices, a ‘citizen journalism’ site that competes with such publishing platforms as Associated Content and, to a lesser extent, Demand Studios, has added health insurance to the benefits it offers contributors.

As with the controversial Demand Studios health insurance, which the company began offering to its top contributors late last year, AllVoices’ insurance isn’t really insurance (“[the plan] is not a traditional comprehensive health insurance and should not be considered a substitute for comprehensive health insurance or major medical coverage”), it’s a discount plan. And just like with Demand’s plans, participants in the AllVoices plan need to maintain a minimum contribution level to stay eligible.

As always, we are skeptical of “insurance” that isn’t really insurance, especially when the target customers are a typically vulnerable population. But if more content sites feel the need to add benefits such as health insurance to stay competitive, who can argue with that?

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