AP-Bambuser Deal Caters to New Paradigm of ‘Eyewitness News’

As far as FishbowlNY is concerned, the key portion of today’s AP press release about the wire service’s strengthening of its relationship with Stockholm-based live video App Bambuser comes towards the very end.

In the form of this quote from AP director of global video news Sandy MacIntyre, who as part of the minority-stake deal will get a non-executive seat on the Bambuser board:

“Nearly a fifth of the world’s population has a Smartphone and that is a phenomenal eyewitness resource that Bambuser makes technologically possible. It means that anyone can be one button click away from generating live news that will change the way the world receives the “first word” of a story.”

So true. It’s easy sometimes to take for granted the social media technology whirlwind that we get our breaking news from, but here, the old guard (AP) and new guard (Bambuser, founded in 2007) are further cementing the shift from “film at 11” to UCG (user-generated content).

It’s the same paradigm that drove UStream to Occupy movement heights, feeds a vanguard section of CNN.com and more. We didn’t see an outer space stream archived on the Bambuser broadcasts menu page, but thanks to Sir Richard Branson and-or a few others, that’s probably only a fraction of a light year away.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.