Astak Mole WiFi Web Cam: Verified Works with iPhone & Android but not the iPad

Infrared photo recorded at night

I bought a full-featured (pan, tilt, infrared) wireless webcam over the weekend and wrote about it yesterday:

Astak Mole WiFi Web Cam: Android & iPhone Compatible

Unfortunately, everything but the WiFi component worked in that unit. So, I returned it yesterday and got a new unit to replace it. This time, everything worked as expected. You can see an infrared view recorded last night. The Asktak Mole has a ring of infrared lights surrounding the lens.

I discovered that the webcam also came with a 2GB SD card installed. I’ve set it to automatically take a photo and store it to the card. It also has the ability to email photos or send them to a remote ftp server.

My first blog entry about this product noted that video was viewable on an iPhone or iPod touch. The same is true for its pan and tilt controls. Last night I verified that this was also true for an Android phone. The photo above is from a Nexus One. Unfortunately, and unexplicably, the web pages served by the camera are not working correctly with my iPad.

The only feature this feature-rich WiFi webcam seems to be missing is a digital zoom.

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