Asus Plans to Make Android & Windows Based Tablets – But, Windows 7 is Not Finger Friendly

You might think that netbooks manufacturers have given up stopped trying given all the attention Apple’s unproven iPad is getting. Fortunately, they haven’t. Here’s what SlashGear reports netbook pioneer Asus has planned for this year:

ASUS confirms Google and Windows Eee Pad tablets for 2010

An instant-on & off (really suspend) Android-based tablet is something I’d definitely like to try. However, having run Windows 7 on an Asus Eee PC T91MT multi-touch screen netbook since last year, Microsoft really needs to produce a good touch experience for 7. However, even if Windows itself becomes touch friendly, what about all the third party applications? My current opinion is that Microsoft Windows 7 is not ready for prime time when it comes to touch screens.