Asylum Teams Up with Movember on Mustaches vs. Cancer

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to grow some facial hair, Mustaches vs. Cancer encourages you to do so in support of a good cause.

In an effort to highlight breast-cancer-awareness month, Asylum announced that its editors will join Movember, which raises funds and awareness for men’s health, in the effort, and it also recruited several other Websites: AskMen, Men’s Fitness, Guyism, The Bachelor Guy, Switched, Fanhouse, NoiseCreep, Asylum UK, Urlesque, MoonDog Sports, Chris Illuminati, SEC Rivals, Midwest Sports Fans, Cool Material, Dave and Thomas Daily Timekillers, Burbia, Stephen Bailey, Gear Patrol, YepYep,, UGO, Mediaite and, not surprisingly, the American Mustache Institute.

Asylum said in an email:

Why should you join in? Because testicular and prostate cancer has been threatening some of our favorite readers, bloggers, friends and family. Plus, it places your balls in danger and, while we don’t know your balls personally, we’re sure you’d rather not part with them. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.