Atlantic Journo Detained in Libya

Clare Morgana Gillis, a writer for the Atlantic who has covered Libya extensively during the country’s civil war, has been detained by Qaddafi forces along with three other journalists.

Libyan rebels who witnessed the capture told the NYT that the journalists’ car was stopped at an intersection on Tuesday. They were taken into custody, their driver was let go, and the car was destroyed with a rocket-propelled grenade.

Traveling with Gillis were James Foley, a freelance contributor to, Spanish photographer Manu Brabo, and South African photographer Anton Hammerl.

According to the Atlantic, journalists captured in Libya in the past have been taken to Sirte, a Libyan city that houses several important government institutions, and eventually transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There, the Turkish embassy helps to negotiate the journalists’ release with the government of Libya. This was the case last month, when four NYT journalists were captured. They were released after six days.

Atlantic editor James Bennet said, “We appeal to the Libyan authorities for her immediate and safe release, and for that of the three other journalists detained with her.”

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UPDATE: The four journalists are now believed to be in the possession of the Libyan government. Libyan officials and western journalists in the region believe they will be released.

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