Atlantic Media Is Now Paying ALL Its Interns. Jealous? Scared?

Following the New York Times‘ eye-opening (for the wrong people, unfortunately) report on how many in the city are going unpaid for the full-time work they perform as interns, Atlantic Media, publisher of The Atlantic and the National Journal has decided it will provide pay for all its interns. In fact, the company has decided to retroactively pay last year’s interns, worried that their former program fell into a legal “gray area.”

Anyone who has been an intern (and we’re guessing that includes the vast majority of people reading this right now) are all too aware that media companies rarely offer only paid internships. Is Atlantic Media setting a new precedent for companies, or will corporations continue to sweep unpaid, overworked interns under the rug in a cloud of dust and used Starbucks coffee cozies?

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