Atlantic Media Is Putting Its Business Site On The Back Burner

Atlantic Media and its army of interns who can afford Metro cards had been planning to launch a site focusing on business news, but plans for that have been put on the back burner indefinitely (although “sometimes next year” has been brought up as a possible time frame) amid job shuffling and other projects.

Justin Smith, Atlantic Media’s president, explained the reasons behind the decision in an email to Aol’s DailyFinance blog:

Yes, it’s on hold for now but we are still committed to doing it, possibly pushing it to next year. The honest reason is that a lot of management bandwidth (me, David Bradley) has been eaten up by the upcoming relaunch of our National Journal brand, so we’ve put it on the backburner for now.

Michael Kinsley, Slate’s founder and former editor of the New Republic, was originally set to act as the new site’s top editor, but has decided not to pursue the position. Then, Kinsley’s second in command, Adam Pasick, formerly of Reuters, was set to take his place at the helm, but he too is leaving, opting instead to take a job as managing editor of New York Magazine‘s website.

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