Atmospheir launches all-in-one contact management solution on iOS

Image via Atmospheir

Atmospheir has announced the public launch of its contact management and discovery app, which aims to “reimagine” the address book for mobile users. The app allows users to create one centralized username within the Atmospheir system, and then connect important social networking accounts to that ID.

With Atmospheir, users can choose the information each new contact receives. Professional contacts, for instance, can receive a person’s professional info, like office address, office phone number and more, while personal contacts can receive cell phone numbers, home addresses and other personal information.

Users can introduce any two contacts they think should meet, but a complete third party will only be able to find a user if they know their Atmospheir ID. Users can also browse their friends’ connections and request an introduction to someone they’d like to know.

Atmospheir allows users to connect 22 social networks to their IDs, from Twitter and Facebook to Soundcloud, Yelp, Reddit and more. When browsing a user’s Atmospheir profile card, users can simply tap on one of those connected network icons to see the user’s profile.

Users can nudge each other with typical notifications like “Call me” or “Text me,” or can enter a custom message up to 70 characters.

New contacts can be discovered via the app’s Bluetooth Energy “Nearby” feature, which tracks other Atmospheir users within 50 meters, who also have the Nearby feature turned on. Users manually toggle their visibility, allowing them to retain their privacy when they don’t wish to be contacted.

“Atmospheir is the first application that aims to address an individual’s needs at all stages of the contact management life cycle: creation, storage, expansion and retention,” says CEO and co-founder Matt Crumrine, in a statement.

“The products at our disposal typically provide a quick fix for just a few of the underlying issues that make contact management a daily problem, and force us into building an address book that we know will eventually fall out of date. Atmospheir aims to be the network that works and evolves with you by always allowing you to be in control of what information others have to reach you.”

Atmospheir joins other contact management solutions on mobile, including Smartr Contacts and Addappt. Atmospheir is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.