Atmospheir Relaunches Contact Management App on iPhone

With Atmospheir, users create contact cards to share with business or personal contacts, which update automatically as information changes.

Atmospheir announced the redesign and relaunch of its contact management application on iPhone. Atmospheir combines its address book functionality with in-app communication tools, with the goal of automatically keeping track of each user’s changing information and social media profiles.

The app allows users to create user names and separate profile cards for business or personal contacts, with each card being customized to include only the information users would like to share. Atmospheir cards support email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, education information, birthdays, work titles and websites.

Users can also enter their user names or links for more than 20 social networks, from Facebook and Twitter to Reddit, Tumblr and beyond (with more in the works). Users can show these individual social media profiles to only personal contacts, only business contacts, or both.

When meeting another Atmospheir user, contact information can be shared by simply entering the user’s Atmsopheir user name. Once the connection has been made, any changes to the user’s Atmospheir card(s) would trigger a notification to their contacts, and would be automatically updated within the address book. Users can also manually add new contacts (for non-app users), or use Bluetooth to discover nearby users.

Outside of these address book features, Atmospheir allows users to send free text, voice, photo, GIF, location or video messages to their contacts, without leaving the app. When inviting a non-app user to chat, the app prompts users to send a traditional text message, encouraging the contact to download Atmospheir themselves.

Atmospheir CEO and founder Matt Crumrine commented on the app:

Atmospheir blends elements of social networking, mobile card design and in-app messaging to create a simple and effective solution for managing contacts. We’ve made the fastest way for you to get and stay connected to the people that matter most. The app alleviates the pain of recording and updating information and creates a platform where relationships will automatically stay relevant and grow more valuable over time.

Atmospheir is available to download for free on iPhone, with an Android version coming later this year.

Readers: Do you use Atmospheir or other contact management apps?

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