to Develop a Dozen Web Originals

MTV Networks’ male-skewing humor site has announced plans to develop more than a dozen original Web series.

Among the short form series in the works are this summer’s eight-episode Munchie the Agent, which depicts a cat that serves as a terrible Hollywood agent. That show will feature guest appearances from familiar actors, such as Tom Arnold and Eric Roberts. Also on the docket is Johnny B. Homeless, which chronicles the couch-crashing exploits of a homeless partier. That nine-episode series stars  Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson.

Atom’s new slate kicks off with “M’Larky” which debuted the first of 13 episodes on Wednesday (May 19). That cop-show-spoofing series was created by and stars actor Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury). Like Munchie, M’Larky will feature a string of guest appearances by the likes of well-known comedians Gilbert Gottfried and Jeffrey Ross.

Besides new series, Atom has also renewed its Web show Legend of Neil, which follows a guy struggling with the classic video game Legend of Zelda, for its third and final season. Other Atom projects include this summer’s Scott Gairdner Sketch Comedy, Rahzel’s Rap Minute, scheduled to premiere this fall, as well as Tommy Wiseau Untitled Horror Parody—also due in the fall.

Several of these series have the potential to make it to TV via MTV Networks sibling Comedy Central, which airs Atom TV each Wednesday at 2:30 a.m.