AT&T Allowing VoIP Over Both WiFi & 3G – But, Hey, Where’s 3G Tethering?

Yesterday, I asked…

Why Does Apple Let Vonage Make Voice Over Network Calls Over 3G But Doesn’t Let Skype Do the Same Thing?

Of course, I should have asked “Why Apple & AT&T” does this. But, no matter… Based on what I could see the iTunes App Store early yesterday morning, the Vonage app was allowed to make VoIP calls over either 3G or WiFi connections while Skype for iPhone users are limited to calling only when connected to the net over WiFi.

However, the Silicon Alley Insider reports that…

iPhone VoIP Apps To Run On AT&T’s 3G Network

Here’s AT&T’s press release on the subject…

AT&T Extends VOIP to 3G Network for iPhone

So, what does this mean? I’m not exactly sure since apps like Vonage’s apparently already have the permission and ability to do so. And, the press release doesn’t indicate any time frame for this change.

As usual, I ask AT&T, where’s the 3G tethering service for the iPhone?

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