AT&T Raises Early Termination Fees for “Higher End Devices”

Today AT&T announced that they have dramatically raised early termination fees for a number of devices that people use to read books on a daily basis. The changes will affect any customers who sign agreements after June 1, 2010.

Here’s the company’s explanation: “For customers who enter into new two-year service agreements in connection with the purchase of our more advanced, higher end devices, including netbooks and smartphones, the ETF will increase to $325, and be reduced by $10 for each month that you remain with us as a customer during the balance of your two-year service agreement. After that, the ETF will no longer apply.”

What do you think? Dallas News spoke with AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel who had this explanation: “[I]f you spend less on a device, your early termination fee should be less … If you spend more, your early termination fee should be more.” (Via Gizmodo)