AT&T Wireless Has the Highest Percentage of Dropped Calls. Shocking! Right…

My iPhone with AT&T Wireless service is not my primary voice phone. This is mostly because I can’t get service in my home (although service is available about 25 feet outside of it if I stand in a certain spot facing a south). Every now and then, however, I try to make a call using the iPhone over AT&T’s network when wandering about in areas that have service. One recent call was to a customer service line. That turned out to be a bad idea because my call was dropped after I finally got a human being on the line. So, was I surprised to see this article title in Fortune?

AT&T dropping more calls than ever

Not hardly. Data from ChangeWave reported in the article shows AT&T dropping 4.5% of their calls. Compare this to Verizon’s 1.5% (the lowest of the four providers). To make matters worse, AT&T’s dropped calls percentage has been steadily increasing over time. It was a 3.6% in September 2008 and has been steadily climbing since then.

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