Attacks on Paris Brought Out the Worst Trolls on Twitter

Dear Twitter, During times of crisis, please unplug yourself.

More than 129 people are dead. At least 350 have been injured. A country has been scarred permanently. And a world watches with trepidation about what’s next.

Regretfully, cowardly acts of terrorism do this to the citizens of the world.

Be it the attacks in Paris to genocidal acts in Darfur or even the tragedies of September 11 in America, the world stands still and finds a way to unite under a banner of peace. At least for a while.

That was until the wonder of Twitter entered our lives. Following what happened in Paris, where seven assailants with ISIS collectively murdering hundreds of innocent people, we also got to view the heinous activities of a few dolts who thought then was a good time to make a statement.

Not so much.

First, Rob Lowe decided to show us why he’s not a great actor.

Oh, he wasn’t done.

One more for the road. You know, since he hasn’t been doing much since ‘The West Wing’.

Following a court hearing, Newt Gingrich had to relieve some stress.

Conservative journalist Judith Miller was inspired by terrorism to wax political

…and so was Michelle Malkin

Speaking of politics, Ann Coulter would like to make us all groan.

Care for another very classy quote from her?

Why not? People are dead. Let’s endorse someone for president.

How about Michael Ian Black working blue?

Shakespeare penned “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Looks like these folks are really stupid. So, let’s end on a smart note, shall we?

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