Atypical Games Launches Battle Supremacy: Evolution on iOS

The game sees players defeating enemies using transforming vehicles.

Atypical Games has announced the release of Battle Supremacy: Evolution, the sequel to the World War II combat simulator Battle Supremacy, on iOS devices. This sequel takes players to the future, where they’ll defend cities using transforming vehicles that can take the forms of tanks, drones or planes.

In Battle Supremacy: Evolution, players have access to over 100 single-player missions which come in seven types. These include races, team deathmatch scenarios, convoy protection missions and more.

During gameplay, players have access to two control schemes: manual or AI. With manual controls, players control their vehicle’s movement using a virtual joystick and can swipe on the screen to aim at enemies. With AI control, the vehicle moves and aims at enemies automatically. In both modes, the vehicle’s secondary weapon fires automatically when aimed at enemies, and players can manually fire their vehicle’s rockets when they have locked on to an enemy. Players have a limited supply of rockets to fire at one time, but these recharge automatically during missions.

As players complete missions, they’ll earn currency which can be used to purchase new vehicles, each with different stats. Players can also spend currency on upgrades for their vehicles’ weapon damage, armor, shield and more.

In addition to single-player gameplay, Battle Supremacy: Evolution offers three multiplayer modes, including Capture the Base and Team Deathmatch, for five or more players.

Battle Supremacy: Evolution is now available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store. The game is also available on Mac and the new Apple TV.