Aussie Firm Mails Live Butterflies (and Terrible Grammar) to Journalists

“Are the butterflies alive or dead?”

That’s the first question a rep from a firm that comes from the land down under asked when a journalist called to follow up on her latest pitch. The answer, thankfully, was yes—but that doesn’t make the stunt any less bizarre.

Seems she mailed the Lepidopteras in question to several writers in the hope that they’d cover the DVD release of the show Under the Dome. Based on a Stephen King novel, the show somehow played on “the butterfly effect“, by which we mean the far out idea that a butterfly can flap its wings and cause a hurricane on another continent. Not that crappy Ashton Kutcher movie.

We would tell you more about how the show and the animal are related, but we don’t really care. We just think you should click through for some awful grammar.

The idea was to replicate one of the show’s central themes by encouraging sad hacks to step outside, release said insect and get a little fresh air at the same time. Given most journalists’ poor posture and genetic predisposition toward skin cancer, we initially thought this was a cool public service. But the language really killed our buzz:

Uhhh….. We “except” the fact that the firm was well-prepared for this stunt and “worked extremely hard on the process of these 5 butterfly’s that were sent out” (their words, not ours). But the professional cynics at Mumbrella remind us that sending live animals through the mail is never a good idea by recounting an incident in which a few promo goldfish arrived bottom up and ready for the toilet bowl.

Still, the stunt almost seems cool in a “no, actually not at all” sort of way. The only thing that would have made it perfectly WTF would have been an audio accompaniment:

Yeah, sorry for that one. We don’t miss the 90’s at all.

(Big H/T to Mumbrella and OMG_PR for the story and the pic)

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.