Aussie PR Campaign #YourTaxis Gets Curbed After One Week

Ironic? A taxi cab company throwing a PR agency under a bus?!

DATELINE: Victoria, Australia

Uber is causing issues worldwide for taxis. What used to be a guaranteed money-making day for taxi drivers has turning into drivers stalking people at airports to stop some hipster in a Nissan Sentra from stealing their fare.

It’s even like this in the land down under. So much so, that the Victoria Taxi Association (VTA) hired a PR firm last week to do something about it. This cagey agency, reportedly Melbourne-based “PR social media agency” Ellis Jones, came up with an ingenious approach to create instant news — use Twitter.

Welp, they created news all right with the ham-handed #YourTaxis campaign established to help people have a common place to talk about their experiences in taxis. And for taking part in the festivities, you could win a year of free cab fare.

What could be better? Possibly not using Twitter and knowing your audience. For example, this:


Yeah, and that is from the PR agency. Good on ya’, mates. That just opened the door for what any social media intern could have told you was going to happen: