Author Elizabeth Nelson Uses Fake Headshot, Proves She Hates Herself

There’s identity theft. There’s plagiarism. There’s fantasizing. But leave it to an author of romance novels to discover a way to weave all three into a tapestry that reflects a hangman’s noose. Do you know this woman? This “Elizabeth Nelson.”

Evidently, she has a modicum of success, so she figures under her nom de plume is a shield of anonymity. I suppose she also concluded, “What the hell? I may look like a troll from “The Lord of the Rings” but I’ll show them!” Whelp, she did — her stupidity to think “reverse image search” wasn’t a thing. And that’s when this happened

…Someone who did understand the fun and yuks of reverse image search discovered this dastardly subterfuge, and did what any like-minded Twittering madman would do: blast it worldwide on social media!

So nice. So great. So un-freaking-believable.

The great, enigmatic @EvilWiley discovered this gem and shared it with his more than 9,600 followers. To wit, they shared it with the world. Business Insider, along with a slew of others, picked it up. The story notes that Nelson’s e-book followers began looking into the author if other things were fake. Guess what?

It turned out that many other authors had a problem with Nelson, who has been accused of plagiarism. The summary of her new, free e-book “Trinity (The Executive’s Affair)” is almost word-for-word taken from the description of “Billionaire Bodyguard,” which Kristi Avalon published last year.

Following this kerfuffle, Nelson removed the Revlon photo from her Amazon page, changed her bio, deleted her Facebook page and will continue to scan the Internet under a new, fictitious persona that is less obvious. I believe it was “Lindbergh Baby.” Still looking for the Twitter profile.