Author Jim Hanas Responds To Amazon/IPG Dispute

Author Jim Hanas has decided to remove the Amazon buy button from his website for the book Why They Cried, after his book was removed from the Kindle Store due to a contract lapse between Amazon and IPG.

Hanas explains how the removal from Kindle has affected him in a post on Google+: “This is frequently described in the press as ‘removing the buy buttons,’ but in my case — since my book has no print edition — it is much worse. My book page has vanished entirely. Reviews, summary, everything.”

Earlier this week, Amazon failed to renew its contract with the Independent Publishers Group — a group that distributes books for more than 400 indie publishers — removing almost 5,000 books from the Kindle store after the  company.

The eBook is still available from other retailers. Hanas continues in the post: “The book is still available via WORD bookstore in Greenpoint, direct from the publisher, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google, and Sony. I recommend these options in roughly that order, based on how much they’ve supported the book — the last four being more or less equal.”

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