Author Will Write and Edit Story Live Online

What if a digital book could actually include a an archived copy of your entire editing process–from the first draft to the final copy? Over at Everyday Genius, writer Matt Bell is trying an experiment we’ve never seen before–writing and editing a short story live on the Internet.

Using the text editing platform Meeting Words, readers can actually follow along with Bell (pictured, via) as he writes and edits the story. Read the story-in-progress here. When Bell isn’t writing, you can use the blue sliding bar at the top of the page to go back in time and watch his editing process.

Follow this link to check out Bell’s writing schedule. Here’s more from Bell’s post: “Starting today, I’ll be working on a story that I started during this last ‘writer’s block,’ a story that didn’t take off then but that I still think might be worth writing. Monday and Tuesday, I’ll be attempting to write a full draft of the story, starting with only a single paragraph already written. To make it more interesting, you’ll be able to watch as I write, seeing each of my decisions in real-time. The software we’re using-Etherpad-will allow you to see each word I write and delete and rewrite at the same time I do it, and the built-in chat software will allow you and anyone else watching to chat alongside my writing if you choose to.”

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