Avanti! Type Directors Club to Celebrate ‘Night of the Italians’

Forget that whole moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie thing. Our idea of amore is a stage full of design legends whose surnames end in vowels chatting the night away with Museum of Modern Art curator Paola Antonelli, all under a glowing marquee designed by Milton Glaser. Our amici at the Type Directors Club (TDC) are making it happen on Thursday, October 15, when the newly Glaser-ified SVA Theatre will be the backdrop for “The Night of the Italians,” a panel discussion featuring Louise Fili (Louise Fili Inc.), Francesco Cavalli (LeftLoft), Massimo Vignelli (Vignelli Associates), and Matteo Bologna (Mucca Design). Antonelli will moderate. We hear tickets are going fast, so register rapidamente (details here). We suggest gearing up for the big night by watching the below video of Antonelli’s 2007 talk at the TED conference. Buon divertimento!

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