When @SergeantBrody Met @azizansari

The first time the Twitter accounts of Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari and Homeland character Nicholas Brody publicly crossed paths was after the Thanksgiving holiday. The following tweet was posted to the Showtime series goof after briefly showing up and then being deleted from Ansari’s end:

Someone at the Hollywood Reporter noticed the Ansari mix-up and presumably, since that time, the publication has been giving the actor and his reps time to respond. They have not, and so this afternoon, writer Andy Lewis has delightfully blown Ansari’s Twitter cover. At press time, the last @SergeantBrody tweet is dated December 3 and there is nothing today @azizansari.

It’s rare for a celebrity to be unmasked as a Twitter parody prankster; usually, this is the gambit of an aspiring writer or showbiz wannabe. It’s even rarer for the star of an NBC show to be doing social media outreach for a program on the network of a rival, in this case Viacom/CBS.

We look forward to seeing whether @SergeantBrody lives on, if @azaransari acknowledges the THR piece and thoughts (if any) on the matter from @lewis_damian. It’s almost as serpentine as a Saul lie detector test.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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