Back-to-School: 5 Twitter Accounts To Help You Get Organized

With the kids going back to school this week, it’s time to get back into your routines and get down to work. But let’s face it – this social media stuff is pretty addictive. How are you supposed to get any work done when you’re updating your status and looking for #FF tweeps?

We’ve gathered some resources that may just help you stay on track and get organized. Take a look:

1. @workawesome

If you need to work better, this is a great resource. With everything from “10 Tips for a More Productive Day” to advice on “Death By PowerPoint – How to Avoid It,” you’ll be shaving minutes hours off of your work/school day and spending time on the things that matter most.

2. @PeterWalsh

If you need to shave off more time in your schedule or make more room to work at home, @PeterWalsh is your guy.  This Aussie is strict about keeping the clutter at bay and having just what you need right where you need it. He gives important tips about organizing your electronics and shows you how he decluttered the offices of Oprah Magazine.

If you need someone to tell it to you straight, this guy’s for you.

3. @OrganizeMyDay

Follow this twitter feed and you’ll get what seems like obvious advice (“Never handle a piece of paper more than once,” and “Note business and personal appointments in the same planner.”), but it’s these gentle reminders that will keep you from pulling your hair out when you’re freaking out about how much you have to do and how to keep you moving onto the right thing next.

2. @gtdguy

David Allen, author of best-selling books Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Ready For Anything, and Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life created GTD, a “work-life management system” that allows you to:

  • Capture anything and everything that has your attention and concern
  • Define actionable things into concrete next steps and successful outcomes
  • Organize information in the most streamlined way, in appropriate categories, based on how and when you need to access it
  • Keep current and “ahead of the game” with appropriately frequent reviews
  • Keep track of the bigger picture while managing the small details
  • Make trusted choices about what to do in any given moment

His simple tweets such as “The latest & loudest thing in your psyche is seldom the most important thing that should take up residence there,” might just change how you do everything.

5. @Daytimerpage

You probably tossed your paper organizer a while ago (I still use one!), but this site has a wealth of information that’s still relevant to your technological world. With links to articles like The Essential Secret for ‘Getting in the Zone’ Every Day and a free online calendar that syncs with Outlook and imports Gmail calendar events, you might just get through that hefty to-do list after all!

Good luck!