Back To The Future: Add A Joystick To Your iPad

The iPhone and iPad have been popular gaming platforms despite their few buttons and touch screens. Even though programmers have done a great job of designing their games for touch screens, there are still a few games that are better suited for joysticks and buttons. If you want to add traditional gaming controls to your iPad you may soon be able to pick from one of several options.

ThinkGeek sells the iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet for $99. The iPad fits in a cradle inside the cabinet, while the controls, which consist of a joystick and eight buttons, connect to the iPad via Bluetooth. ThinkGeek recommends installing Atari’s Greatest Hits, which is a collection of 100 of Atari’s games, on your iPad for use with the iCADE.

According to MacRumors, Atari may be soon selling their own accessory for the iPad designed to work with their Greatest Hits iOS app. An upgrade of the app that recently became available makes reference to an “Atari Arcade — Duo Powered” joystick. Pictures of the device on the MacRumors site show that it is basically an large cradle with a joystick and four buttons. The controls will connect to the iPad via the dock connector, and according to the website DVICE it will be available for $60 at Target starting October 2.