Doc Brown Comes Back To The Future For A Second Argentine Viral Video Spot

The second video in Argentine appliance store Garbarino's Back To The Future campaign is going viral today. Check it out after the jump!

Just over a week ago Doctor Emmett Brown drove the DeLorean up the YouTube charts in a new viral spot for Argentine appliance store Garbarino.  In the first clip, a flirty couple is interrupted by the arrival of the DeLorean.  The Doc gets out with a “Great Scott!” thrilled to be in 2011 Argentina.  In the second clip, which has been going viral over the last few days, we find out why he’s so thrilled—because he gets to stock up on products from Garbarino, of course!

The first video was a bit ambiguous in terms of what it was promoting (aside from the fact that Doc Brown crashes into a Garbarino store).  The second video is much more promotional.  The Doc says, “I programmed the time machine to go into the future and turned up here, as the new face to the Garbarino campaign!”  He then proceeds to walk around the Garbarino store picking out items that are far better than his own inventions and technologies before hopping back in the DeLorean and heading (presumably) back to the past.

I’ve got a feeling that viewers are going to be split into two camps on this one—there will be the ones that had high hopes that the first video meant Back To The Future 4 was in the works and are disappointed, and the ones that love the fact that an Argentine appliance store brought back Doc Brown for a Back To The Future-inspired viral campaign.

I’m in the second camp.  I think that the Doc’s inventions are hilarious and I’m happy to catch a glimpse of my favorite Back To The Future character, whether a fourth film is in the works or not (and unfortunately, it’s not).  I also like how Doc says “Garbarino.”  What do you think of the campaign?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the first Garbarino video, you can check it out below.

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