Bacon Keyboard + Hungry Birds = Sizzling (Nonsensical) Tweets

Vegetarians, close your eyes. Carnivores, prepare to salivate. I’ve got one word for you… bacon. It’s everyone’s favorite artery clogger, and it now has a place on Twitter. A bird-lover has created a bacon fat keyboard, and got birds to tweet while they eat the thick, juicy goodness. Read below the jump for the completely nonsensical (but presumably delicious) tweets these birds sent out.

Birds on Twitter is such a strange but plausible idea that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before.

Voldemars Dudum, a bird lover and writer for the Latvian newspaper Ir, set up a keyboard with bits of bacon fat, or suet, attached to each of the keys. He set this up outside, and pointed a camera at the action.

The birds flocked to the keyboard, and pecked away at the fat, all the while, unknowingly, they were sending out their very own tweets (@hungry_birds). And while we’d like to say this experiment uncovered some sort of secret language of birds, it all looks like gibberish to us:

Unfortunately, the birds have all gone now, but their Twitter account is still there, waiting for next winter. And we’re sure that once they’ve had this winter’s taste of bacon, those birds will be back and eager to tweet next year.

Via Digital Life on Today

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