Badoo, LivingSocial, Phrases, Books and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by MAU

Badoo topped our list of top 20 Facebook applications by monthly active users this week, even as several other dating apps also made the list. Phrases, although not available in the U.S., made the list, as did LivingSocial, video, horoscope, quiz and Connect apps. The apps on our list grew by between 4.6 million and 322,900 MAU during the past seven days and we generate these figures with AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Badoo 66,394,224 +4,601,681 +7%
2. Phrases 18,901,999 +1,044,475 +6%
3. Are YOU Interested? 15,854,694 +995,142 +7%
4. Birthday Cards 9,079,761 +799,400 +10%
5. Cupid 4,665,260 +798,358 +21%
6. Diamond Dash 1,572,393 +789,543 +101%
7. Monster Galaxy 8,696,395 +735,412 +9%
8. Quiz Taco! 12,348,241 +720,684 +6%
9. Monopoly Millionaires 5,842,552 +704,115 +14%
10. VidyoTV Video 2,686,842 +694,992 +35%
11. Daily Horoscope 4,428,549 +676,054 +18%
12. Zoo World 6,991,693 +654,859 +10%
13. 1,547,989 +639,269 +70%
14. 大腦分析 1,173,735 +526,660 +81%
15. Zombie Lane 952,572 +482,220 +103%
16. Mafia Wars Game 17,467,961 +445,758 +3%
17. LivingSocial 1-Day Deals 2,903,461 +445,380 +18%
18. Book List Challenges 479,637 +392,843 +453%
19. การวิเคราะห์สมอง 1,061,125 +375,885 +55%
20. Bejeweled Blitz 11,584,232 +322,903 +3%

Badoo grew by an impressive 4.6 million MAU this week, mostly in Mexico, France and Italy. The app has a fun and interactive Q&A interface that prompts users to answer fun questions of their Facebook friends, publishing a feed story with every answer. Are YOU Interested?, another dating app, grew by 995,000 MAU and Cupid saw 798,000MAU this week from the U.S., UK and India. Interesting to note that these dating apps are growing increasingly in non-U.S. markets.

Phrases, which is not available to U.S. users, grew by a huge 1 million MAU primarily in the Philippines, Italy, France and Mexico. Then there were a few other quiz apps. Quiz Taco, with 720,000 MAU this week, that incorporates a 25-question Q&A about your Facebook friends, promising a bonus to unlock answers about yourself. Quiz Taco also posts to the feed each time you answer a question, so virality potential is tremendous. Two Asian Analysis of Brain apps in Chinese and Thai were on the list. 大腦分析 with 526,000 MAU week and การวิเคราะห์สมอง with 375,900. These apps publish feed stories and create photo albums that tag users’ friends.

Rock You’s Birthday Cards saw 99,000 MAU this week, mostly in the U.S. The app allows users to send and share a card at the same time, lists all a users’ friends with upcoming birthdays and allows them to send dozens of cards at once, generating a feed story each time. VidyoTV Video added 695,000 this week, generating news feed items upon install and allowing users to Like or share videos. Daily Horoscope grew by 676,000 MAU mostly in Turkey by generating daily horoscope Wall posts, and allowing 1-click sharing with your Facebook friends of your same astrological sign.’s Connect app grew by 639,000 MAU. LivingSocial 1-Day Deals saw 445,000 MAU this week and provides users with a free downloadable app and a chance at a $5 coupon. Finally, Book List Challenges, an app that encourages virality by posting books a user has read with encouraging language such as “Say something about this” and “How many have you read?” saw 392,000 MAU.

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