Badoo, Phrases, Video, Cars, Books and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

There were a wide variety of apps on our list of fastest growing by daily active users this week. Phrases, brain analysis, video, Connect, dating, friends, books, cars, horoscopes and luck were themes in the apps on the list, which grew from 75,700 to 455,400 DAU this week. The list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and shows those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Frases Diarias 1,154,033 +455,367 +65%
2. การวิเคราะห์สมอง 674,846 +398,535 +144%
3. 大腦分析 679,412 +382,357 +129%
4. Profiline Bakanlar ? 314,150 +314,150 +0.0%
5. Diamond Dash 484,933 +221,221 +84%
6. Phrases 1,950,560 +214,431 +12%
7. Windows Live Messenger 14,862,289 +162,682 +1%
8. Friend Buzz 451,230 +150,174 +50%
9. Video Galerisi 150,227 +149,354 +17,108%
10. WhoIsNear? 192,133 +101,662 +112%
11. Persian’s Daily 109,239 +98,731 +940%
12. Badoo 4,319,626 +97,696 +2%
13. Monster Galaxy 820,249 +92,712 +13%
14. Book List Challenges 97,838 +82,698 +546%
15. Auto Club 106,203 +81,323 +327%
16. HTC Sense 5,166,550 +79,711 +2%
17. Yeni Videolar 111,520 +78,645 +239%
18. Daily Horoscope 1,580,182 +77,476 +5%
19. Phrases (new) 477,644 +76,135 +19%
20. Luck Daily! 527,383 +75,701 +17%

The Phrases apps were big on our list this week, but the ones in English are not currently available in the U.S. Frases Diarias (Daily Phrases) grew primarily in Mexico by 455,400 DAU to top our list this week. Phrases saw 214,400 DAU while Phrases (new) grew by 76,100 DAU this week; neither one is available in the U.S.

Two brain analysis apps were on the list. The Thai การวิเคราะห์สมอง grew by 398,500 DAU and the Chinese 大腦分析 by 382,400; the apps’ virality appears due to photo tagging and feed story generation. Video apps were on the list, too, of course. Profiline Bakanlar ? saw 314,200 DAU this week, Video Galerisi added 149,400 DAU, Persian’s Daily 98,700 DAU and Yeni Videolar 78,600. Most of these apps generate feed stories by allowing users to share, Like or view videos, generating stories upon viewing. Yeni Videolar publishes a feed story automatically every time you watch a video while Persian’s Daily automatically takes a user to the invite page upon install.

Then there was a mixed bag of other apps.

Windows Live Messenger, a Connect app, grew by 162,700 DAU. Friend Buzz, a Q&A quiz app with your Facebook friends, by 150,200. WhoIsNear? is an app that grew by 101,700 that is a combination of location and chat service. Badoo the dating app grew by 97,700 DAU, Book List Challenges — which allows users to rate themselves on different book lists — by 82,700 and Auto Club grew by 81,300 DAU mostly in India by allowing users to select the cars they like the most, generating a feed story, and also by automatically posting different cars to a user’s Wall daily.

HTC Sense, the Android app, grew by 79,700 DAU mostly in the U.S. Daily Horoscope grew almost entirely in Turkey with 77,500 DAU; the app includes daily Wall posts and prominent friend invites. Luck Daily! saw 75,700 DAU this week; the app gives a daily “luck score,” posting to your Wall.