Balloon-acy, Hot Error and Falcon’s Rest

Yesterday reports came in a 6-year-old boy, Falcon Heene was inside a balloon shaped like a flying saucer meandering over Fort Collins, Colorado.

Well if a breaking news story sounds exactly like a Disney/Pixar movie – of course it must be worth full media coverage.

We’ll just say this: we tried to float away via balloons when we were six and it didn’t work. We knew this story was bunk when we were six – but every 24-hour news station anchor apparently wasn’t a weird enough kid to have context for this story.

The boy was found hiding out in the attic, by the way. The family has been on the show Wife Swap two times. Media savvy indeed.

But really we’re so shocked that something that looked like a flying saucer could be involved in a hoax.

Photo via Reddit