Bandai Namco unleashes Zombie Stampede on iOS


Bandai Namco Games has announced the launch of Zombie Stampede on iOS devices. The free-to-play tower defense game sees players stranded in a post-apocalyptic world, challenged with facing waves of zombies with a team of zombie hunters.

In each level of Zombie Stampede, players are charged with protecting a truck at the bottom of the screen, using hunters placed at strategic points in front of it. Each hunter has a different set of stats and abilities, and will attack enemies automatically when they enter a certain attack range. Players can choose to target individual zombies (say, those that move faster or are more powerful), and will need to tap on their hunters when one is being attacked.

Zombies drop green juice when killed, and players can swipe on the screen to collect it for future use. Basic bottles of juice can be used to power-up characters and increase their stats, while rare evolve juices can be used to evolve characters into stronger units.

Players can purchase new hunters using free or premium currency, with each character having a “team cost.” Depending on the cost of rare or special team members, gamers may have to remove other members of the team in order to afford them.

A player’s maximum team cost increases as they level up, while social features see gamers adding friends and taking their friends’ units into combat for additional support.

Currently, Zombie Stampede is available to download for free on iOS in the US, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

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