Banksy Makes Walls Worth Millions

Used to be that when a wall got tagged with graffiti, a shop owner or a city official would groan and call to get the paint removed. Now, in certain circumstances, it could be likened to winning the lottery. Such is the case in the UK where a section of a wall that famouser-than-famous Banksy painted is being auctioned online, thought to possibly rope in around a million dollars. So what’s the lesson here? Before you call the spray paint removing hotline, first you call your art dealer to see if you’ve got anything of value there. Here’s a bit:

Owner Luti Fagbenle plans to offer the section of wall for sale intact, but the cost of its removal is not included in the sale price of the artwork. A spokeswoman for Portobello Post says that the company has had discussions with building specialists about how the work can be relocated.

Although we should say that, in this case, with this wall, it does sound like Banksy was commissioned to paint where he painted. But hey, there’s still a billion other places he got to before he got huge, so if you’re in the UK, stock up on your wall-removing gear today!