Baratunde Thurston: ‘I Don’t Know That Media Companies Need To Be Saved’

In this final segment of our Media Beat interview with The Onion web and politics editor Baratunde Thurston, we talk digital media trends.

When it comes to location based services that are currently all the rage, Thurston said, “Whether Foursquare itself survives or lasts, I don’t know, but what I do know is that location isn’t going away.”

We then of course talked about the iPad and how it will change the media business. Thurston providing us with video of him “fake buying” an iPad at an Apple store in Manhattan.

He wanted to see if Apple employees would still cheer him on. They did.

When asked if the iPad will help media companies generate more revenue, Thurston said, “I don’t know that media companies need to be saved.”

He did say, “I think the iPad can help an intelligent media company,” but added that many media companies are more interested in “preserving their print margins than they are in taking advantage of these new capabilities” that devices like the iPad present. “They’re more interested in protecting than innovating,” he said.

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