‘Bare-Bones’ Wonkette Could Be Hiring Soon

Wonkette’s Jim Newell is leaving to join Gawker.

He replaces Alex Pareene, who left for Salon in April.

Newell got his Wonkette job after…replacing Alex Pareene, who left for Gawker.

Newell said in a blog post, “As long as I keep blatantly copying his style, I should have steady employment for life, as he is very talented.”

Our sister blog FishbowlNY speculates, though, that Wonkette may be looking for some fresh blood. Right now, only head editor Ken Layne and several contributors are the only ones on the masthead. It’s “even more bare-bones” than normal, our colleagues report. So maybe start sucking up. Er, you know, keeping your eye out for posted jobs. As we will as well.

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