Barnes & Noble Color eBook Reader: Can it Appeal to the All Important Casual Reader?

Barnes and Noble, which already has the Androd powered Nook ebook reader, is working with Pandigital to create a color ebook reader that will be available sometime next month for $200.

Pandigital, B&N partner on $200 color e-reader (CNET Crave)

The ebook reader, named “Novel”, has a nice set of attractive features, all devices focused mostly on a single function are going to have problems competing with generalized devices like smartphones and the iPad. Just look at GPS devices that have phone features versus smartphones with GPS capability as one example. The second lesson comes from the gaming world where casual gaming became a huge winner when looking at the Nintendo Wii and DS compared to other game platforms. And, if we combine the power of “casual” with “general” we see two of the major factors of success in the iPhone and iPod touch.

The “Novel” will probably attract “serious” readers (people who read buy and read one or more books per month). But, casual readers will continue reading on general function devices.

Frank McPherson asked:

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I think that borderline “serious” readers will choose general function devices. But, from Amazon and B&N’s point of view, the real question is: Will people buy ebooks to read on any device? If the answer is yes, and, I believe it is, they still win.

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